About Us

Angela Cain Interiors creates exquisite interiors using only the finest products in the industry. Whether your style is modern, traditional or completely unique, we deliver a design that is undeniably yours. Our attention to detail and appreciation for style are why we are considered to be among the exclusive group of top Atlanta interior designers.

Angela Cain is a native Georgian and a Graduate of the University of Georgia where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design.

Not only is Interior Design her career, it is a career for which she has a passion. Her love for design is evident in the creative, upscale designs she creates for her clients. Angela enjoys the problem solving process where she can particularly challenge her creativity.

Angela Cain has been a respected name in the Atlanta Interior Design community for over 25 years and continues to amaze with her ability to create outstanding interior and exterior spaces.

“I love to work with all types of design idioms. I view my role as a designer to be very much like that of an artist, in that I try to absorb myself into the tastes and lifestyle of my client and view the project from their perspective. I focus on the process; the organization and helping my client express their tastes and preferences with outstanding design and presentation.”


Angela Cain

Angela Cain’s Core Team


Randy Moore

Angela Cain Interior Design, like any successful business, is the result of a cooperative team with common values, working together to achieve a common goal and purpose.

Our goal at Angela Cain Interior Design is to offer unique, functional, and inspired designs specifically for our client. Our clients particularly appreciate our sensibility and our pragmatic approach to managing every last detail of their project.


Courtney Cole